At A Glance:

United Group is a Pakistan’s leading firm. We access, develop, service and sustain local and international market by production of sugar, ethanol & HDPE drums and PET bottles by our state-of-the-art own plants as well as importing coal, chemicals & fertilizer from international market. We focus industries and resources on activities that make trade work better. We invest in high-quality infrastructure and build innovative, end-to-end services that bridge the gap between buyers and sellers more effectively. Our activities help to create more efficient markets, reducing long-term costs for participant


Sugar, Ethanol and sell the same in local and international market, Coal, Chemicals & fertilizer import, trading and logistics in local markets is our core business. We have made strategic investments to develop assets that strengthen our industries and trading operations. These are managed independently as standalone organizations. They transact business within the Group and with third parties. This approach maximizes productivity in all parts of the Group and ensures resources are allocated efficiently.