A Chemical Distribution Company

United Commodities (Pvt.) Limited registered in Pakistan. United Commodities provides its international principals and suppliers with qualified market advisory services, ground logistics including but not limited to liaison with Pakistan State Oil, OMCs, Karachi Port Trust, Port Qasim Authority, Pakistan National Shipping Corporation and Pakistan Customs.

UCPL is Modern Indenting and sourcing company offering its services to Petroleum Trading Companies, Food & Beverage, Power Generating Companies and other allied Industries for procuring raw materials, packaging & others items from world renowned and trusted Manufacturer with international standing. We believe in providing excellent services to local customers and enable and facilitate our foreign Principals and suppliers to sell and market their products in Pakistan as they sell in their own country. We protect interests of both parties equally and mutually without any discrimination. Our approach towards indenting is not just for one-time transaction, we believe into building long term relationship with local customers and International supplier on the basis of trust, loyalty and mutual interest.

UCPL team consists of professional’s entropunor and has long association with Pakistan’s renowned Oil Marketing Companies, Foods & Beverage Industry Chemical Company and Power Generating Companies. We have extensive experience in supply chain management, Indenting & sourcing in international procurement and imports of Petroleum Products, Coal, Chemicals and export of sugar and ethanol.

UCPL team consists of professionals previously associated with Pakistan renowned MNCs and has experience in supply chain management, Indenting & sourcing and in international procurement and import/export of products United Commodities (Pvt.) Limited

UCPL constantly seeks opportunities to add value to its clients’ business. We provide a unique platform to our overseas principals for marketing their products effectively in Pakistan. We look for opportunities of mutual shared benefits, whilst offering the highest possible service levels and flexibility to ensure that both parties enjoy a successful and profitable relationship.

UCPL is progressively involved in the activities of distributing, sourcing, trading and indenting of Petrochemical / Chemical / Additives various Raw Materials.

We move physical commodities from where they are plentiful to where they are most needed – reliably, efficiently and responsibly on behalf of our principals. We assist global commodities traders, refineries & inventory holders to sell their products to Pakistani Companies.