United Ethanol Industries Limited is the ethanol manufacturing unit with the capacity of 125,000 liters / 100 MT per day ENA 96%. We dominate international market by exporting ethanol, produced by our state of- the-art own plant. We are continuing toward expansion our production capacity and progressively increase our share in international market include Middle East, Philippine, Europe, Japan & Korea.

UEIL produce 96% ethanol is a product of agricultural origin, highly purified. This natural product is produced by fermentation of the sugarcane molasses, using yeast. The molasses are derived mainly from sugarcane crushing. After the fermentation process, the ethanol is purified by a multiple distillation and rectification process. Its most commonly consumed in intermediary product by the chemical, pharmaceutical or cosmetics industry is in many cases of the highest and purest possible quality.

These are premium markets due to the additional steps in the alcohol production process that are necessary to achieve the required purity. The same high standards and processes apply when alcohol is used for the production of spirit drinks. Ethanol also has many medical uses, and can be found in products such as medicines, medical wipes and as an antiseptic in most.

We have long terms molasses contract with sugar mills and also utilize molasses extracts from our sugar cane crushing, our ethanol plant is operated by professional team includes engineers with more than half decade’s experience with different distilleries operating in Pakistan. 

Reliable supply chain

Our ethanol production facilities located at 14-KM Manthar Road, Sadiq Abad built with the newest technologies, providing stability and reliability. The ethanol produced in these plants is identical and therefore interchangeable, ensuring security of supply and shortest possible transport and communication lines.

Operating responsibly

Focusing on more sustainable production at our continuous ethanol fermentation facilities, our ethanol. Our professional team significantly reducing the energy consumption and emissions per unit of alcohol and so, significantly reducing our environmental impact per liter.