SYNERGY PACKAGING (PVT.) LTD.) is a group company was established with an objective to provide another production company to the group in order to enter in HDPE  drum, PET bottles and all sort of packaging material to cater various industrial needs.

With a mission to assist in employment generation and value addition to the national income, through development of industrial sector, by helping increase the number, scale and competitiveness of SYNERGY PACKAGING (PVT.) LTD. has carried out ‘sectoral research’, to identify policy, access to, business development services, strategic initiatives, institutional collaboration and networking initiatives.

The Extrusion & Injection molding setup would have an installed capacity to manufacture approx. 2,216 / day units of 250, 120, 20 kg HDPE containers and PET bottles of different sizes, i.e. 120 ml, 100 ml, 60 ml, 30 ml and 1, 1.5, 2 & 3 liters, using food graded ‘Polyethylene Terephthalate’ and Poly carbonate. This section is comprises of 14 state of art automated pet blow machines, around 700,000 bottles   per day on 24 hours basis.